Advocacy For California Nursing Home Residents And Their Families In Cases Of Dehydration And Malnutrition

Elderly or disabled people sometimes lose the ability to notice that they are becoming dehydrated or that they are not eating well. Some become weak and unable to speak up for themselves or feed themselves. A nursing home resident is in a long-term care facility precisely because he or she needs help with activities of daily living, including food and water intake. When a nursing home resident becomes ill or dies without a good explanation, and an investigation reveals that dehydration or malnourishment was a cause, this is very often a clear sign of neglect.

Clients of Steven D. Davis Law Group A Professional Corporation rely on our experience and accomplishments in the area of nursing home neglect claims. We are determined, skilled advocates for residents of long-term care facilities who have been neglected, with disastrous consequences. Based in Santa Monica, we serve clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area, Southern California and the entire state.

Nip Trouble In The Bud — We Can Direct You As Advocates When Problems Are Developing

Perhaps your loved one's case is in the early stages and no serious harm has occurred, but you suspect neglect. You may wonder how to lodge a complaint and bring about necessary change. We can advise you on how to protect your rights and those of your loved one while seeking remediation of neglect by supervisors, caregivers and aides.

Seek Compensation And Change In The System After A Loved One Has Suffered Harm

Or your loved one may have already become seriously ill — developing pneumonia or becoming emaciated — and you need a strong advocate. Our attorneys can initiate an investigation, gather evidence for a lawsuit and prepare compelling arguments on behalf of your loved one and close family members. We are prepared to pursue compensation as well as correction of systems that are allowing residents to fall between the cracks.

Contact A Southern California Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

Get answers and help after a loved one in a nursing home has been allowed to become seriously dehydrated or malnourished. Your spouse, parent or disabled adult sibling may have developed a more serious condition or died under suspicious circumstances as a result of dehydration or malnutrition. Call 310-570-2981 or 800-492-5881, or send an email to request a no-obligation case review. An attorney at Steven D. Davis Law Group A Professional Corporation will meet with you, gather information and propose a course of action.