Representing California Nursing Home Residents And Their Families After Fall Injuries

Learning that a loved one was seriously injured after falling in a nursing home is both upsetting and costly. A fall may result in significant financial and emotional losses. Our nursing home neglect lawyers at Steven D. Davis Law Group A Professional Corporation in Santa Monica can evaluate your case occurring in a Los Angeles-area nursing home or any nursing home in Southern California and across the state.

We can help you pursue proper compensation to account for medical expenses, other financial losses and intangible losses. At the same time, your claim or lawsuit can help force a nursing home to correct systemic defects such as understaffing, poor training of staff and lack of proper monitoring.

Falls in nursing homes often occur in situations such as:

  • When a resident calls for help to go to the bathroom and attendants are slow to respond, resulting in the resident's attempt to get out of bed
  • When a caregiver is transferring a resident from bed to wheelchair or from wheelchair to toilet and fails to take necessary precautions to prevent a fall
  • When a resident lacks sufficient monitoring or supervision and makes risky choices such as walking unassisted against doctor's orders
  • When a resident suffers from dementia or a behavioral disorder and lacks proper management for that condition, leading to accidents such as falls

Doctors, nurses and therapists sometimes recommend special devices that a nursing home fails to provide. The resident may not have the type of wheelchair or the type of grab bars recommended — and subsequently, a fall occurs, resulting in a broken hip or other serious injury.

Whatever the details of your loved one's fall injury or injuries in a nursing home, the matter merits investigation. Our California law firm is prepared to undertake an investigation and determine how a fall occurred — and who is liable to compensate the injured person and family members.

Contact A Southern California Lawyer After A Loved One Was Injured In A Fall In A Nursing Home

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