Personal Injury Representation | Serious And Catastrophic Injuries

"What are his chances of recovery?" or "Will she walk again?" are questions you may have heard many times already after a loved one's serious or catastrophic injury. If the injured person is one of the fortunate ones, he or she may recover and live a productive, active life once again. As accomplished trial lawyers, we at Steven D. Davis Law Group A Professional Corporation determinedly pursue compensation for clients injured in serious accidents.

Bone Fractures, Burn Injuries, Slipped Disks

In many cases, a broken leg, a back or neck injury, or burn injuries can heal with time and top-notch medical care and therapy. Doctors' skills, a patient's determination and support network, and the severity of the injury will help determine the outcome. The effectiveness of an injured person's attorney can be a critical factor.

The sooner you consult with a lawyer after a serious personal injury, the greater the chances are that a successful financial outcome will be attainable. Steven D. Davis Law Group A Professional Corporation in Santa Monica offers experienced, proven-effective representation of people who have suffered broken bones and other serious injuries. Our trial lawyers have years of experience and a strong track record of successful case outcomes.

We know that financial losses can be as serious as physical injuries. Medical care, therapy, lost wages and related expenses add up quickly in car accident or fall injury cases that result in serious injury. Our goal is for our clients with serious injuries to have the resources needed for an excellent recovery.

Spinal Cord Injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Amputations

A catastrophic injury is a different matter altogether. An accident victim may recover and live a rewarding life once again — but his or her lifestyle will be forever changed. A person living with the effects of a catastrophic injury may need expensive durable medical equipment such as a power wheelchair and a lift. A family may need to modify the home to include ramps, widened doorways, hand bars and lowered countertops. An amputee may need top-dollar, state-of-the-art prostheses. Special transportation, personal care attendants and management of complications such as chronic nerve pain all carry price tags as well as emotional burdens.

With compassion and skill, our Los Angeles area trial lawyers work closely with experts such as life care planners, rehabilitation experts and vocational experts. We prepare compelling arguments on behalf of our clients who must cope with the consequences of life-altering accidents. Our goal is for our clients to have the financial means to maximize their potential despite disabilities such as paralysis.

Consult With An Attorney As Soon As Possible After A Serious Accident

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case after a catastrophic injury in Southern California or anywhere in the state. Call 800-492-5881 or 310-570-2981 or send an email to schedule a consultation at your convenience. Our lawyers make house calls and hospital visits as needed.