Business Litigation Attorneys In Santa Monica

Business litigation takes on many forms. Disputes may arise between business partners, between businesses and other businesses, and between businesses and their customers or clients. Steven D. Davis Law Group A Professional Corporation in Southern California represents plaintiffs and defendants in business litigation of all levels of complexity. Based in Santa Monica, our law firm serves business owners and other parties to business disputes throughout the Los Angeles metro area, Southern California and the entire state.

Our cases have included:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Property-related disputes
  • Real estate litigation
  • Palimony lawsuits
  • Disputes over business ownership issues

Although we may characterize business litigation matters with labels such as these, we recognize that no two business litigation cases or clients are alike. Our diligent trial lawyers take the time and thought necessary to give each client and each legal matter careful, thorough, one-on-one attention. Our wealth of knowledge and experience benefits our clients in need of skillful advocacy in business disputes.

As with all civil claims and lawsuits, our attorneys approach every business litigation matter as if preparing it for trial. This means gathering facts; evaluating potential risks and benefits of particular pathways to resolution; and preparing to negotiate, mediate or litigate with confidence.

In practice, most cases settle without a need to go before a judge and jury. However, our diligent workup of each case enables us to represent our clients effectively. A successful outcome is one in which we have protected our clients' rights and best interests to the greatest degree that a particular conflict allowed.

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Whatever business dispute is pending in your California case, bring it to our attention. If your legal concern falls outside of our areas of focus, we will gladly refer you to a trustworthy law firm handling that type of business litigation matter. Call 800-492-5881 or 310-570-2981, or email us to schedule a consultation.