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Why do California, national roadways remain stubbornly dangerous?

A recent national article on street and highway safety in the United States underscores the “heightened emphasis” that regulators and crash-avoidance researchers have persistently placed on next-stage technology improvements in recent years.

Safety pundits readily concede human failure behind the wheel. Although most drivers make laudable efforts to always be safe and conscientious while out in traffic, a minority of others turn their vehicles into virtual missiles. They drive with one hand on the wheel and the other on a phone. They engage in personal grooming, play with their dogs, speed, tailgate and drive drunk.

Spotlight on hospital accountability, safer patient outcomes

Nothing more, nothing less.

Paraphrased, that spells out the bottom-line sentiment of one national health care principal speaking out on accountability relevant to hospitals in California and across the country.

How broad are the dimensions of medical malpractice?

An accurate response to the above-posed headline query in our blog post today can be quickly delivered, to wit: very broad indeed.

In fact, various sources underscore adverse medical outcomes as a top-tier catalyst for patients’ serious injuries and death in California and across the country.

Are prescription medications necessarily good for your health?

When you visit the doctor because of a health concern, they often give you a prescription to treat the problem or reduce your symptoms. And while in many cases prescription medications are successful in treating illness, they do not work the same for everyone who takes them.

As you begin taking a prescription, you might rely on its intended benefits while not paying much attention to its possible side effects. However, while a substance you add to your body could benefit you, many medications have undesirable side effects as well.

Trucking safety regulation remains consistently inconsistent

Large trucks have long been among the most significant safety hazards on U.S. roads and highways. The size and weight disparity between semi-trucks and smaller vehicles is hazardous even under ideal driving circumstances. And circumstances are rarely ideal, given how much time truck drivers spend behind the wheel and how much pressure they are under to make delivery deadlines.

Drowsy driving and speeding are two major causes of truck accidents, and regulators have been working for decades to enact rules that would mitigate these risks. Unfortunately, the trucking industry continually pushes back against regulation, and changing political climates make it difficult to keep any substantive rules in place. Two recent news articles highlight the inconsistent (and therefore ineffective) approach to trucking industry regulation.

What are the most commonly misdiagnosed diseases?

Seeing a doctor is the first thing to do when you feel sick. You go to the office, have your doctor check you out and run to the pharmacy to get whatever medicine will make you better.

But what would you do if your doctor was wrong? Your issue could be serious-and you should know what to do if you think your doctor misdiagnosed you.

What can you do if you are injured in rehab?

After surgery to treat a serious injury or medical condition, recovery often requires time in a rehabilitation center. But what happens if the place that was supposed to help you get better leaves you with more injuries?

Rehabilitation centers are often a part of nursing home facilities and may have specially trained nursing staff and physical therapists to aid in your recovery. Special training, however, does not protect patients from negligence or abuse and even a short stay can lead to frustrating, lifelong injuries.

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