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How high turnover rates in nursing homes impact quality of care

High employee turnover rates in nursing homes are a persistent challenge in the health care industry. They also have notable effects on the quality of care provided to residents.

Understanding the reasons behind the high turnover rates in nursing homes helps employers, policymakers and nursing home staff take steps to address the issue.

Nature of work

The demanding nature of the work in nursing homes is a key factor contributing to high turnover rates among staff. Caregivers face physically and emotionally taxing responsibilities. Some of these might include assisting residents with daily activities, managing health conditions and providing emotional support. The challenging workload can lead to burnout and fatigue, prompting staff members to seek alternative employment.

Low wages and limited benefits

Low wages and limited benefits in the nursing home industry also contribute to high turnover rates. Despite the important role they play, caregivers often receive relatively low compensation for their demanding work. Limited benefits, such as health care and retirement plans, may also deter people from pursuing or remaining in this profession. This further exacerbates turnover.

Inadequate staffing levels

In some nursing homes, inadequate staffing levels compound the challenges associated with high turnover rates. Insufficient staff numbers can result in heavier workloads for existing employees. This can lead to fatigue and compromise the quality of care a staff member provides. It can also create a cycle where the existing staff members become more prone to burnout, contributing to the turnover problem.

Skilled Nursing News reports that the turnover rate in nursing homes exceeds 90%. Even the highest-rated nursing homes have turnover rates above 75%. The challenges posed by high turnover rates in nursing homes underscore the need for comprehensive strategies to improve working conditions, wages and benefits for caregivers.

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