Medical Malpractice Representation For Plaintiffs Or Defendants

A lawyer who takes on a medical malpractice case must be knowledgeable of legal causes of action, legal processes and courts and steeped in knowledge of the appropriate medical field. Effective representation of any party to a medical malpractice claim requires more than legal skills. To advocate for medical professionals named in claims or for patients injured through medical mistakes, an attorney must also understand medical issues in depth.

The trial lawyers at Steven D. Davis Law Group A Professional Corporation have consistently demonstrated proficiency in medically related legal matters in California. We speak the language of doctors, therapists, life care planners, mediators, judges and juries.

We have advocated for health care providers in cases involving misdiagnosis, surgical errors and emergency room errors. We have also represented patients in such cases. Our understanding of both sides of a medical malpractice case enhances our effectiveness for any client. Our attorneys are confident in both the legal and medical aspects of a case.

Our effectiveness as trial attorneys has been proven many times over. We obtain favorable outcomes on behalf of our clients in pretrial settlement conferences, in mediation and in courtroom litigation. Protecting our clients' interests is at the heart of every medical malpractice case, regardless of which side our client is on.

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