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You Do Not Need To Face The Bar Association Alone

Legal disputes that focus on lawyers’ actions can be complex and nuanced. Many civil litigation firms deliberately refrain from representing other attorneys’ former clients or representing attorneys involved in disputes.

Steven D. Davis Law Group, APC takes on the challenging cases involving lawyers. Our attorneys fight for what is right as we provide effective advocacy for our clients. Allow us to represent you at every step in your legal malpractice or bar complaint case.

Have You Been A Victim Of Legal Malpractice?

When another lawyer has caused you harm or loss through ineffective legal counsel, you may want to report them to the state bar, sometimes in addition to pursuing a legal malpractice suit against the attorney. A few instances where you should consider filing a bar complaint include:

  • When an attorney has missed opportunities to file successful claims on behalf of their clients because they ignored statutes of limitations
  • When a lawyer has failed to comply with court rules, thereby damaging or ruining their client’s case
  • When a lawyer fails to communicate settlement offers to their clients in time for clients to make the most advantageous decisions in civil lawsuits
  • When a lawyer fails to file lawsuits or respond to lawsuits in a timely manner
  • If a lawyer mismanages clients’ escrow accounts or client trust funds

Whatever the type of wrongdoing, in each case, our clients lost valuable rights, money or opportunities. Through legal malpractice claims, we have been able to recover compensation for deserving victims of lawyers’ mistakes.

Has A Complaint Been Filed With The Bar Against You?

Many lawyers attempt to represent themselves before bar associations when complaints have been filed against them. Many such attempts fail. Our clients in bar complaint cases have been attorneys who understood our value to them as experienced, skilled defense counsel. We have obtained many favorable outcomes in such cases, helping our clients to avoid bar discipline and preserve or recover their good names and their right to continue practicing law.

When an attorney has been disciplined or been the subject of complaints to the state bar, they need representation to defend themselves. Our attorneys have mounted vigorous defenses on behalf of lawyers who have been accused of:

  • Inadequate settlement offers and negotiations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Incompetent representation or malpractice
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Failure to keep clients apprised of key issues in their cases
  • Fiduciary failure as trustees managing clients’ trust accounts
  • Ethics violations

For Counsel On Legal Wrongdoing Cases, Consult Us

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