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How broad are the dimensions of medical malpractice?

An accurate response to the above-posed headline query in our blog post today can be quickly delivered, to wit: very broad indeed.

In fact, various sources underscore adverse medical outcomes as a top-tier catalyst for patients’ serious injuries and death in California and across the country.

The list of prime contributors to patient harm is long and varied. It centrally includes matters like the following:

  • Misdiagnosis (errors linked with missed, tardy and flatly wrong diagnoses)
  • Surgical mistakes (including “never events” like retained objects, wrong-site/wrong-procedure surgery and material surgical-team miscommunication)
  • Facility-acquired infections
  • Medication errors such as wrong dose or incorrect drug
  • Birth injuries relevant to both newborns and mothers
  • Anesthesia errors committed during pre-op, surgery and in recovery settings

The general public understands that doctors and other care providers are not infallible and cannot reasonably be expected to engineer perfect outcomes in every case.

It is reasonable to expect that they go about their work with requisite competency, though, subject to an industry standard of care that makes no allowance for negligence.

When that threshold duty is breached, patients harmed (and, sometimes, their loved ones) can file a medical malpractice claim for damages.

Doing so is deeply meaningful for legions of victims in California and nationally, who feel empowered through responding to negligence-linked harm in a timely and proactive way. A maximum money remedy directly addresses culpability and deters similar conduct in the future. It additionally helps victims and families pay medical costs, recoup lost earnings, defray expenses relevant to ongoing rehabilitation/therapy and recover from emotional pain and distress.

The deep legal team at the long-established Culver City personal injury firm of Steven D. Davis Law Group helps diverse and valued clients promote all those key goals. It does so through practiced advocacy that collectively spans more than a century of proven representation.

At the same time, our attorneys well appreciate the singular pressures and regulatory requirements relevant to the medical field. We know that doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians and others sometimes need a strong legal ally to help them defend against claims alleging negligence and resulting harm. Davis Law Group lawyers have effectively filled that role for decades.

We welcome contacts to the firm to discuss medical-harm claims from the perspective of both plaintiffs and defendants. Our unstinting goal in every case we handle is an optimal legal outcome for those who need our help.

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