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Why do California, national roadways remain stubbornly dangerous?

A recent national article on street and highway safety in the United States underscores the “heightened emphasis” that regulators and crash-avoidance researchers have persistently placed on next-stage technology improvements in recent years.

Safety pundits readily concede human failure behind the wheel. Although most drivers make laudable efforts to always be safe and conscientious while out in traffic, a minority of others turn their vehicles into virtual missiles. They drive with one hand on the wheel and the other on a phone. They engage in personal grooming, play with their dogs, speed, tailgate and drive drunk.

And rather than diminishing, their numbers seem to exponentially increase.

Thus, safety gurus try to work around them by developing high-tech driver-assist tools like partial automated steering, automatic braking, lane departure warnings and crash-avoidance systems.

Certainly, those have helped.

But not enough. Recent data released by federal regulators spotlights continuously high danger on America’s roads. Reportedly, 36,750 people died in vehicle crashes nationally last year. Extrapolated, that equates to a stunning 100-plus fatalities every day of the year.

The core crash catalysts comprise the usual litany of suspects, with drinking, speeding and assorted distracted driving behaviors topping the list.

Experienced California personal injury attorneys know well the sheer dimensions and related fallout linked with negligent driving.

We certainly do at the proven Los Angeles pro-victims’ Steven D. Davis Law Group. Our experienced legal team routinely provides diligent representation to diverse and valued clients and their loved ones in the wake of third-party driving recklessness.

Victims are often empowered by pursuing maximum compensation against negligent parties (sometimes multiple) in the wake of serious vehicle crashes. Recoveries can defray medical costs, compensate for lost wages, address a family’s emotional suffering and, when necessary, address long-term post-crash needs.

We welcome contacts to our firm. Our deep legal team collectively brings more than a century of impassioned experience to bear on behalf of clients who need our assistance.

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