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Common medical errors at hospitals

The hospital is supposed to be a place that you feel comfortable and gives you the opportunity to recover. Your expectation when seeing a medical professional is that you are in safe hands. The unfortunate truth is that mistakes still happen even in this environment. Thousands of people are victims of medical errors every year.

This message does not carry the intention of scaring you. Avoiding medical treatment out of fear of a mistake is not advisable. Instead, the best thing you can do is make yourself more aware of what types of accidents may occur inside the hospital. Understanding what type of medical errors may occur and what you can do to prevent them will help keep you healthy and secure.

Incorrect diagnosis

Receiving an incorrect medical diagnosis is the most common error you may encounter while in a hospital. Every year thousands of people receive a misdiagnosis, which leads to a number of complications. Naturally, an incorrect diagnosis can lead to you receiving unnecessary or improper treatment that could make your health situation even worse. If you suspect something is wrong, make sure to take the necessary steps to determine your health issue before proceeding with treatment.

Medication mistake

The type of medication you receive from a medical professional is very important. There are a number of complications that can occur from a medication mistake. Your body could have a negative response due to an allergy or you could receive medication that simply does not fit your health issue. Incorrect or unnecessary medication can lead to greater health concerns, which makes it crucial that you understand what goes into your body.

Inattentive care

Being in the hospital puts you in a pretty vulnerable position. You may not have the ability to perform basic tasks. This leaves you completely in the hands of the medical professionals. Depending on your situation, you may be a risk to injure yourself simply by moving around. This may leave you susceptible to a fall injury or worse. It is important that the medical staff gives you an assessment upon admittance and you follow the directions provided. Say something if you feel you are not receiving attentive care.

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