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Take the right steps after a collision

When California residents get into a car accident, they may feel overwhelmed in the immediate aftermath. However, it is important for drivers to take a few steps after the collision occurs.

After a car crash, it is important for people to make sure they are not hurt. State Farm says people should check themselves for injuries. It is also a good idea to make sure all the passengers were not hurt. Some people may think they do not need to call an ambulance if they are not hurt. However, it may be a good idea to call an ambulance anyway, as people may sometimes not realize they have an injury until afterward. Once people know they are uninjured, it is a good idea to move the vehicle out of the road. People should typically put on their hazard lights. If they have cones, they should usually put these out so other drivers know to maneuver around the vehicle.

It is a good idea to collect as much information about the collision as possible. According to Allstate, drivers should take pictures of their cars so they can have a visual record of the damage. It is a good idea to take pictures that show the damage from several angles. People may also want to get pictures of the other car. Many people might witness the collision and it is a good idea to speak to these people. Drivers should typically write down the contact information of each witness.

Additionally, people should usually speak to the other driver. It is a good idea to write down the make and model of the other vehicle, as well as the license plate number. People should also generally write down the insurance company of the other driver, as well as the policy number. If an accident was a fender-bender, some people may think they do not need to call law enforcement. However, it may be a good idea to call law enforcement regardless of the accident’s severity. Members of law enforcement typically complete an accident report and drivers usually need this report when they work with their insurance company.

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