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Severe whiplash due to impact collisions

When Californian drivers get into crashes, it may seem like everything is fine. But even in these situations, you should approach every crash as a serious matter. This is because there is always a risk of hidden injuries. These injuries do not make themselves known immediately, but have a big impact on your health.

One of the most common hidden injuries are whiplash injuries. Today we will take a look at how they manifest and impact victims.

Injuries caused by whiplash

Where does the term whiplash come from? These injuries get their name from the whip-like motion that occurs in a crash. It causes strain to the spine and back. It may cause damage to the muscles in these areas as well. In severe cases, it may even impact the local nerves. This can cause numbness and tingling, weakness and even a distortion in sensation.

Whiplash injuries are also often associated with headaches and neck pain. In some, this pain is negligible. In others, it has the potential to be crippling. Some people cannot move their neck enough to look side to side. This pain manifests in a different way for every victim. Some experience shooting sensations. Others develop chronic migraines.

The risk in delayed whiplash symptoms

The biggest risk is that whiplash affects do not always appear immediately. Some people do not develop them until days or even weeks after a crash. What if you believed the crash was small and did not get another driver’s details? Unfortunately, you are out of luck with potential future medical bills.

Are you curious about whiplash injuries and the impact they have on health? If so, take a look at our linked web page here. It discusses motor vehicle accidents and the injuries that may come from them. As whiplash is common in car crashes, it is important to consider how they factor into collisions. This helps paint a more coherent picture of the true danger of whiplash injuries.

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