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What is the new approach to malpractice?

You may think that when you file a medical malpractice claim that you are in for a long court battle. However, the trend is moving towards medical providers paying up for malpractice rather than trying to fight against it, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. 

The idea is to be more open about errors and mistakes in the field of medical care. Many providers who pay up instead of litigating find that they can move on more quickly from the incident while also offering better care and assistance. You can also move forward and get any additional care you need to handle the issues you now face as a result of the malpractice. 

Fixing mistakes 

Many medical providers go a step further and do not even wait for you to file a case. They fess up to what happened and work to immediately make it right. This is incredibly beneficial to you because waiting to correct a mistake because a provider pretends it never happened can lead to further complications and expenses to right the wrong. 

Building trust 

One of the main motivations behind this approach is maintaining trust. If you cannot trust your medical provider, then you probably will not do business with it in the future. These providers do not want to lose you as a patient, so they take the steps to be honest when something goes wrong so you see them as honest and open, which are qualities you do want in your medical provider. 

Still have rights 

Even if your medical provider takes this open approach to malpractice, you still have legal rights. If you do not want to accept a settlement or you wish to negotiate it, you still have those options. The goal is a fast resolution that allows the medical provider to fix the issue before it gets worse. 

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