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Road rage can lead to deadly car accidents

While people may have heard of an occasional road rage incident in California, the issue is more serious than many may think. More than 80% of American drivers agree that they have felt enraged while behind the wheel at least once within the past year, according to AAA.

The aggressive driving behaviors that accompany road rage put lives at risk. The National HIghway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 56% of deadly car accidents involve aggressive driving behaviors. It is critical that drivers understand how to spot an aggressive driver and what to do if they are having feelings of anger while driving.

How to spot the signs of an aggressive driver

The signs of road rage may be easy to identify for most California motorists. According to the Insurance Information Institute, these signs include the following:

  • Excessive yelling, honking and displaying inappropriate hand gestures
  • Speeding or racing another vehicle
  • Tailgating or following another vehicle too closely
  • Failing to adhere to traffic signals, stop signs and pedestrian crosswalks
  • Failing to yield to another driver’s right of way
  • Excessively switching lanes and cutting off other motorists

Enraged motorists who lose control of their temper may actually hit into another driver. Some may approach another driver with the intent to cause physical harm.

People who spot an aggressive driver should contact law enforcement and alert them to the situation rather than get involved. This can help to reduce the risk of a car accident.

How to reduce the risk of aggressive driving

Drivers who start to feel their temper rise should take some deep breaths. Whether stuck in traffic on the way to a meeting or rushing home from work, it is important to realize that getting there safely is the ultimate concern. Turning on some soft, calming music can also help calm the nerves.

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