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What are some statistics relevant to nursing home care in California?

When looking into nursing homes, the more information you have the better you can assess the situation. The same is true when the state is trying to find solutions to issues within the system or wants to ensure the system is stable.

According to the State of California Department of Justice, there is some evidence-based on statistics that the nursing home system in the state is not quite to the point it needs to be to allow for competent and complete care. This can raise concerns about neglect and abuse occurring in overpopulated and understaffed facilities.

The system

Licensed nursing homes provide a bit more security and peace of mind, but about 150,000 people are in unlicensed facilities within the state. There are only 1,300 licensed nursing homes and 7,500 licensed residential care facilities in the state.

Common issues

There is proof that those with dementia within the nursing home system may be given drugs to sedate them. Some facilities may use restraints that are not safe. These things often happen due to understaffing.

The long-term care ombudsman receives about twice the national rate of complaints about abuse and neglect.

Growing aging population

California is seeing a surge in the population of elderly people. The projection from 2000 to 2025 is a growth of 6.4 million people. This represents a huge growth unseen by any other state.

Among those people, the projection is the number of people who need care in nursing homes will at least double. This will put incredible strain on the system, and it could lead to more issues with neglect and abuse among those who must live in these homes.

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