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Looking at data on driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

You need to keep an eye out for many hazards while driving, from other drivers under the influence of alcohol to bad weather that results in poor visibility or slick roads. However, drowsy driving remains a major problem on roadways across the country and there are many different reasons why drivers become drowsy.

Sadly, drowsy driving crashes lead to many injuries and a lot of people even lose their lives in these collisions. It is important to review statistics on driver fatigue in order to understand how prevalent these accidents are as well as some of the risks associated with drowsy driving.

Going over drowsy driving statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over the course of 2017, law enforcement received reports of an estimated 91,000 drowsy driving collisions. Moreover, estimates suggest that about 50,000 people suffered injuries in these accidents and almost 800 lost their lives.

Drowsy driving collisions frequently take place on roads in rural areas and, in many instances, involve drivers who have no other occupants in their vehicle. Many drowsy driving collisions take place between 12 AM and 6 AM.

Drowsy driving risk factors

Drivers struggle with fatigue for a wide variety of reasons. In some instances, a driver fails to get enough sleep or drives for too long, whether a truck driver has to work long hours or a family goes on a road trip. Some drivers also become drowsy behind the wheel as a result of medication.

If a drowsy driver caused a crash that left you with serious injuries, you need to go over your options.

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