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Most common signs of nursing home negligence

No one wants to imagine their loved one suffering from elder abuse, but it is sadly a reality for many of our elders. Nearly one in every six elderly adults suffers from elder abuse every year. With this kind of suffering being as common as it is in the elder community, it is important to be able to spot these signs of neglect in the elder so you can take action to hold abusive nursing homes accountable. To help you look after your loved one, here are five signs they may be suffering from neglectful neglect:

Poor hygiene

When nursing staff fails to provide residents with the care they need, they often cut corners in their duties. Small signs of neglect can look like dirty and uncut nails, unclean teeth, and unwashed hair.


Attentive staff in a nursing home is able to prevent causes of falls and other minor injuries with major consequences. Bruising can come from falls and stumbles that should never have happened. Loose rugs and other trip hazards can be the cause, just as not watching wandering residents or those trying to go to the bathroom independently.

Weight loss

It is not uncommon for elders to miss a meal, either through refusal or forgetting. No matter the cause, the nursing home staff is responsible for ensuring that residents are eating enough. Prolonged negligence can lead to considerable weight loss and malnutrition.

Dirty clothes

If you notice that your loved one is wearing the same outfit each time you see them, it may not be because it is their favorite outfit. Lack of clothing variety may come from staff not washing clothes or no one is changing their clothes each day.


Perhaps the most notorious sign of neglect, bedsores can be a serious injury for the elderly. Bedsores often happen to those who do not or cannot get out of bed. Whether the staff is not helping or insisting residents get out of bed, the staff is still liable for the consequences of bedsores.

Hold negligent staff accountable

When negligent staff members of a nursing home are causing your loved one to suffer, contact an experienced attorney right away. Their representation can help you make dangerous staff members responsible for the consequences of their actions, as well as help you secure the compensation your loved one deserves for their injuries.


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