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4 tips to help you find the best nursing home for your loved one

Just because there is a nursing home in your neighborhood does not mean it will be a good choice for your mom or dad.

Here are four tips to help you choose a facility both you and your loved one will be happy with.

1. Do your research

Ask for recommendations from friends, your loved one’s doctor, clergy or local hospital personnel. Always consider several nursing homes. You want one that has a four- or five-star rating from Medicare. The home you finally select should provide respectful, person-centered care.

2. Check credentials

The best nursing homes are licensed and maintain compliance with all state and federal regulatory requirements. You can go online to check Medicare quality ratings for the facilities you have in mind.

3. Schedule a visit

Visit the facilities that interest you. Schedule tours. Look at all floors, visit public rooms, residents’ rooms and kitchen. Talk to residents as well as staff members. Find out how much freedom the residents have and how much they can participate in their care planning. Check the staff turnover rates. Low turnover usually points to employee satisfaction.

4. Stay connected

Entering a nursing home is a big step for your loved one. You can help reduce the anxiety by making the best choice of facility, one that meets all the regulatory requirements and maintains a record of providing excellent care. Make sure you visit often or ask a relative or friend to visit if you cannot. By helping your parent get settled, becoming familiar with the caregivers and paying attention to any changes in your loved one’s physical or mental state, you will ease the new resident’s anxiety and be able to enjoy peace of mind.

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