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How do doctors treat spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Personal Injury

Personal injury victims must let a medical care professional examine them if they want to understand the extent of injury they suffered because of another’s negligence. Further, personal injury victims must understand treatment options for the harm they endure.

Mayo Clinic explains how doctors treat spinal cord injuries. Being well-informed about treatment options may help victims build their case against the at-fault party.

Initial treatment stage

If a person requires emergency care for a spinal cord injury, physicians often focus on keeping the person’s neck still to avoid further harm, protecting the person’s ability to breathe and keeping the patient from going into shock. After receiving treatment in an intensive care unit, the medical care facility may transfer the person to a spine injury center in California.


Personal injury patients with fractured vertebrae, foreign items, bone fragments or herniated disks may need to undergo surgery as part of their treatment plan. Doctors may also recommend a medical procedure to avoid deformities or future pain or to keep the spine stable.


To align or stabilize a damaged spine, a person may need traction. Medical equipment designed to protect the spine includes braces and soft neck collars.


Usually, spinal cord injury patients start rehabilitation during the initial stages of treatment. Medical care professionals often included as part of a spinal cord injury rehabilitation team include occupational therapists, physical therapists, rehabilitation mental health experts, rehabilitation nurses and dietitians.

Suffering a spinal cord injury may prove frightening. Understanding current treatment options could bring personal injury victims peace of mind during a trying time.

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