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What are the three most common complaints in nursing homes?

Choosing a nursing home to care for your loved one is a gut-wrenching process. Clearly, you will do your research and only consider facilities with the best standards and levels of care.

Once you have created a shortlist of homes that meet your criteria for above-average care and living conditions, how can you determine which would be best for your loved one? Consider these three most common complaints in nursing homes today. If a facility you are considering can respond positively to these situations, it may be a good fit for your loved one.

Residents feel socially isolated

Loneliness and social isolation cause serious health conditions, including dementia and other diseases. Social interaction is imperative not only for the happiness but the health of our loved ones. Finding a nursing care facility that prioritizes friendships with other residents and opportunities for social activity is crucial.

Slow staff response times

Staff that does not immediately respond to calls for assistance from their residents leave them open to bedsores, slip and fall injuries, and other harmful situations. Identifying a facility that priorities call response time can lead to a happy residential experience.

Poor quality food

Do not commit to a residential facility without tasting at least one meal. Your loved one deserves a delicious, nutritious and varied menu during their stay. Be sure that the dining room is a place that you would be happy to eat in every day, and your loved one will be happy too.

Taking the time to select the perfect nursing home for your loved one can bring peace of mind to your entire family.

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