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Elderly loved ones at risk of abuse and neglect

Living a long life has benefits and drawbacks. As people age, they can become more dependent on others for tasks that they once could handle on their own. Finding the right person to provide the care they need can create a strong bond and provide peace of mind for family members.

Untrustworthy caregivers

For many in the senior population, so-called “trusted” caregivers are more interested in taking rather than giving. Proper care for their patients is not their first priority. So-called care actually takes the form of everything from financial exploitation to physical and emotional neglect and abuse.

Whether the care is in-home or in a nursing facility, neglect of the elderly can take many sinister forms that include:

  • Neglecting basic hygiene through less than routine bathing
  • Leaving the elderly loved one without clothing or wearing the same outfits for multiple days
  • Refusing to feed or having an irregular feeding schedule
  • Leaving them in places considered unsafe or unsanitary

Getting answers

Getting to the source of elder neglect is hard to pinpoint. Some carers have alcohol and drug addiction issues, suffer from mental illness, or have a history of physical and emotional abuse. Care centers with trained and licensed staff can become overpopulated, creating sub-standard care and living conditions.

Those dealing with certain conditions may be most susceptible to neglect and abuse:

  • Older than 75 years old
  • Dementia and other issues impacting learning or memories
  • Disabilities caused by paralysis or stroke

Specific signs include:

  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Pain and weakness
  • Poor hygiene
  • Pressure injuries/sores

In the end, a thorough examination from a health care provider not associated with the carer or nursing home is the best way to answer difficult questions. While medical care is paramount, families may want to consider the help of an attorney to hold professionals and facilities accountable.

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