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How does brain trauma change behavior?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

Researchers have studied brain damage and trauma for many decades, gradually uncovering the relationship between certain types of injuries and their impact on the victim.

This includes changes in behavior that may result from brain trauma, which is one of the most surprising impacts to many victims.

Changes and effects due to brain trauma

Mayo Clinic takes a look into traumatic brain injuries and their impacts on the behavioral patterns of victims. Of course, it is impossible to entirely predict how injuries will impact a victim due to the many factors at play. This includes the amount of force or power behind an injury and the area it impacts.

However, certain areas of the brain control specific things. With this, medical science can roughly predict what may happen.

For example, the prefrontal cortex manages emotional regulation and impulse control. Thus, when this area of the brain takes damage, victims often see the resulting impact on their behavior or personality.

Differences in damages

Victims with frontal lobe damage may grow susceptible to acting out without thinking first and making rash decisions. They may also have less control over their temper, seeming more easily irritated or angered than before. They could even lash out at loved ones.

Due to the impact on emotional regulation, these victims also tend to struggle with stress in ways unlike before. This can lead to a victim getting overwhelmed easily even in situations they could have handled before the injury.

Most damages will begin to improve over time, but some can be quite long-lasting or may even be permanent.

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