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Is your loved one suffering financial abuse in a nursing home?

When you choose a nursing home for your aging loved one, it is best to check reviews and testimonials to ensure your family member is going to a place where they can be comfortable and treated with care. On the very slim chance that the staff abuses or neglects your loved one, you might think that you will notice right away and take action accordingly.

However, it may not be immediately apparent if your family member becomes the victim of financial abuse. You can protect your loved one from the risk of fraud by knowing how this form of abuse might manifest in nursing homes.

Who might attempt financial fraud in a nursing home?

Financial abuse can occur in nursing homes when staff members use their position and take advantage of a potential lack of mental faculties in their patients. Persuading a vulnerable individual to provide account information or write unnecessary checks are examples of fraud that can occur in nursing homes. Be aware, however, that studies point toward relatives as the most likely perpetrators of elder abuse. A hostile relative might use your aging loved one’s residency in the nursing home as a way to approach them with fraudulent behavior without other family members knowing.

How can you protect your loved one from financial abuse?

Once you know what types of scams and behaviors with which a malicious individual might target your loved one, you can take the appropriate action when you notice those telltale signs of abuse. The most important first step is to contact your county’s Adult Protective Services branch.

Financial fraud is one of the more discreet varieties of abuse, one which you might not notice if your family member lives in a nursing home. Keep a close eye on suspicious behavior surrounding your loved one.

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