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Should you seek medical attention after a minor car crash?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

If you are the victim of a vehicle crash, even one as minor as a rear-end collision, you might feel OK afterward and believe you have no injuries.

However, visiting a doctor promptly is a good idea for more than one reason.

How the body reacts

The human body is not prepared to accept a violent impact. If you are the victim of a vehicle crash, even the impact from a minor collision can be enough to cause injuries. However, in response to the impact, the body releases chemicals such as adrenalin capable of hiding injuries and pain temporarily.

Why medical attention is important

Symptoms of an injury may not appear for hours or even days after the crash. One reason for seeking prompt medical care is to determine whether you have underlying injuries. If so, your doctor can begin treatment and help you avoid future complications. The doctor will also write a report with the diagnosis and recommendation for treatment. In addition, the medical report will tie any injuries you have directly to the vehicle crash.

Where to find help

As the victim of a vehicle crash, you have a right to anticipate financial compensation. But keep in mind that insurance companies protect their bottom line and have standard criteria to use in evaluating injury claims. This is why the medical report from your doctor will have considerable significance. An insurance company might try to interest you in a lowball settlement or even deny your claim altogether. However, an advocate working on your behalf can negotiate maximum compensation to cover your medical expenses, any lost wages, property damage and more.

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