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What are some challenges facing nursing homes?

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can provide world-class care to seniors who are unable to live independently. However, many nursing homes face significant challenges that can prevent them from providing the best services possible.

It is possible for a nursing facility to properly care for residents and establish an excellent quality of life. To do so, they must have a plan for overcoming the following obstacles, and administrators must be able to communicate their plans to families.

Drug-resistant infections

Bacterial infections can be extremely harmful when common antibiotics are ineffective. Accordingly, staff must take every precaution to prevent residents from coming in contact with bacteria and other forms of germs, especially when a person has a compromised immune system. Something as simple as washing hands before interacting with residents can reduce infection risk and illness.

Not enough staff members

When residents outnumber staff within nursing homes, care is likely to suffer as well. Each resident should receive at least 4.1 hours of direct care to ensure their physical and mental well-being. In addition to assistance with personal care and grooming, residents can also require advanced medical care from qualified professionals.

Poor attitudes from staff

For many nursing home residents, staff interactions are the primary form of socialization. As a result, staff members must treat residents with kindness and respect as they administer care. Poor attitudes and lack of consideration can make the environment very unpleasant, which then contributes to decreased mental health.

Families should carefully vet a prospective facility to help their loved one make an informed decision. They should also monitor the care seniors receive to ensure it is satisfactory. If not, report the issue to the appropriate authorities immediately.

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