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How can neglect in a nursing home harm your loved one?

When you entrust your elderly loved one to a nursing home, you may not expect them to suffer from neglect. Although physical abuse leaves bruises and cuts, this kind of harm may feel harder to understand and detect.

Learning more about the common signs of neglect can allow you to choose what steps to take next.

Weight loss and fatigue

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, when a caretaker or staff member fails to fulfill your loved one’s basic needs, such as food or safety, it can lead to long-lasting problems.

Irregular meals and an insufficient amount of water may lead to chronic dehydration and unhealthy weight loss for older people. You might notice a lack of energy or focus due to this shift in nutrition.

Unsafe living conditions

Signs of an uncleaned or unsafe living area in a nursing home are common when dealing with elder neglect. Sometimes there are bugs crawling around or cluttered personal items lying on the floor of older people’s rooms due to the staff not cleaning. Loose pieces of clothing can create a tripping hazard for your loved one as well.

Poor hygiene and dirty clothes

If you see stains and odd rips on your loved one’s clothes, the lack of an attentive staff could be the cause. Older people may end up in dirty clothes for days in a row and could eventually suffer from skin conditions and rashes.

No matter what issues you notice, being attentive to small signs like these can help you if you are dealing with nursing home negligence.

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