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5 common driving distractions to avoid

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Injuries

Distracted drivers are everywhere you look, making California’s roads exceedingly dangerous. According to the California Highway Patrol, nearly 10,000 people sustained injuries, and 96 died in distracted driving crashes in 2021.

Here are some common driving distractions you should avoid to prevent yourself from contributing to the problem.

1. Rummaging

When trying to find something in your car, such as a pen in the bag next to you, a water bottle from the backseat or the phone you dropped on the floorboard, your attention shifts from the road ahead to the search. Wait until you reach your destination or pull over to a safe place before you start rummaging.

2. Eating and drinking

In the busyness of life, your vehicle functions as many things, including a dining room. If you grab a bite, finish up in the parking lot before hitting the road again, or wait until you make it to your next stop to avoid spills and distractions.

3. Texting and talking

Texting while driving is one of the most common distractions, but talking can be nearly as distracting. Whether talking to someone on the phone or in the car, you may give the conversation more focus than the road.

4. Looking away from the road

It is easy to fall prey to the distraction of watching things happening in other lanes or on the side of the road. Looking away for just a split-second is sometimes enough to cause a collision.

5. Tending to children or pets

Backseat passengers often need assistance. If a child or animal needs your immediate attention, pull over to a safe location to tend to them.

You can do your part to minimize distracted driving on California’s roads. However, be mindful of other drivers who may not be as conscientious.

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