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Proving negligence in motor vehicle accidents

Getting from Point A to B in California often requires driving. With highways jammed from morning to night, they often provide the opportunity for crashes.

After getting into a crash, the insurance companies want to find a cause. When an investigation proves a driver’s responsibility, the other driver may expect the at-fault insurance company to pay for his or her damages. However, in cases where this is not sufficient to cover the cost of the accident, the innocent driver may pursue a personal injury lawsuit. To start the process, the responsible driver must have acted negligently at some point before or after taking the wheel. Become familiar with how proving this may occur.

The factors leading up to the accident

The behavior that the other driver exhibited before the accident may help find fault. Getting to the cause of an accident may require some backtracking. Some research into the driver’s history may reveal telling clues. For instance, a person who has diabetes may have high or low blood sugar before driving. A driver who works nights is more apt to suffer from exhaustion.

Common causes of car accidents

Negligence in car crash cases is paramount to persevering in court. Without the at-fault driver exhibiting some amount of recklessness, a court may not see fit to allow the lawsuit to continue. Frequent car accidents where a driver is typically negligent include:

  • Driving too fast
  • Driving under the influence
  • Driving drowsy
  • Driving distracted

A medical emergency behind the wheel may also prove driver negligence if he or she did not take medication as prescribed.

Car crashes may lead to high bills. Click here for more details about personal injury and accidents.

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