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Tips for safe driving in the rain

When rainy weather hits in California, some drivers choose to stay home and off the road. However, that is not always an option for everyone since work, meetings and other obligations remain pressing even during severe weather. There are fortunately some specific driving techniques that people can utilize to mitigate the possibility of winding up in an accident.

The first and probably most important thing that drivers should keep in mind is to take things slower in the rain, due to the reduced traction. GEICO suggests that drivers avoid using cruise control and that they maintain at least five seconds of following distance.

Another good move is for drivers to switch on their headlights in the rain, even if it is in the middle of the day. The decreased visibility of vehicles in rainy conditions makes it more likely that a collision can happen, whereas headlights can balance out the risk by increasing visibility.

One significant risk that State Farm recommends to watch out for is hydroplaning. Wherever water has pooled, even if it is as little as one-twelfth of an inch, it is possible to lose all traction and thus all control. Going slow can reduce the chances of hydroplaning, but if it does happen, drivers should remain calm and let off the gas, slowly turning the vehicle in the direction the car is turning until it regains traction.

Drivers can take steps towards safety before even getting into their vehicles by planning ahead of time. Knowing which roads they plan to take and being intentionally conscious and aware of hazards is an important way to stay out of trouble.

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