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Four family members killed in Nevada County car accident

It might come as a surprise to learn that many motorists understand that the risk of experiencing a car accident is ever-present. Yet even knowing that this potential danger exists, countless still travel by car every day.

The lack of reluctance to do does not indicate an indifference towards danger but rather shows a confidence that the others on the road around them care just as deeply about avoiding collisions. However, there are still instances where drivers deliberately choose to operate their vehicles recklessly. Sadly, the consequences of such a choice are often catastrophic.

Nevada County collision kills four

This fact was on full display in a recent accident that occurred in Nevada County. According to the local ABC News affiliate, a vehicle carrying a family of five from North Highlands collided with two other cars headed to an out-of-state vacation. The cause of the entire incident was the driver of another vehicle driving the wrong way on the road. Authorities believe alcohol was a factor in influencing his actions.  He suffered injuries in the accident (along with another person involved). Tragically, four of the five members of the family, including both parents, died in the collision.

Civil accountability for reckless actions

Many might read a story like this and conclude that the driver responsible will face criminal charges. In such an event, some may think that accident victims must wait for those criminal cases to play out before seeking compensation through a liability claim. That is not the case. An injured person can pursue a civil claim even as authorities prosecute a criminal case related to the same matter.

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