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Is it normal to have anxiety about driving after a crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Injuries

Experiencing a car accident in California can leave you feeling anxious and afraid to drive again. You may experience vivid replays of your accident or feel triggered when you pass the spot where it happened.

Recognizing the normalcy of these feelings can provide some comfort and reassurance. Knowing how to navigate your emotions may help you gradually rebuild your confidence so you can drive again.

Ask for help

Navigating emotional trauma alone may prolong your suffering and worsen your symptoms. Asking for help from others may give you the accountability and support you need to move on. Your support team may involve people from different phases of your recovery. Your doctor can help you assess an appropriate point where you can safely drive again following recovery from your injuries.

A therapist can talk with you about what happened in your accident. You can learn about methods to cope with challenges that may arise because of your experience. Your family and friends can help you set goals for your recovery and cheer you on as you accomplish your endeavors.

Take your time

The first time you drive again, do not plan to travel far or in high traffic conditions. In fact, Geico recommends that when driving after an accident you invite someone to accompany you and take a series of short, undemanding drives. Stay off of busy roads and give yourself space and time to reacclimate to driving.

Car accidents can have serious impacts on your health and mobility depending on the severity of your injuries. If you have suffered because of another driver’s negligence, an attorney can help advocate for your rights as you work through the challenges of recovery.

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