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What are the standards of care for nursing homes in California?

Many elderly residents of California rely on nursing homes to provide them with the care they need. California has strict licensing and inspection requirements for nursing homes.

Each facility must provide a basic level of care to maintain its license and continue its operations.

Assistance with patient’s well-being

Nursing facilities must assist in maintaining their resident’s medical, physical and mental well-being. A comprehensive care plan is necessary to ensure that the facility provides for each person’s unique needs. The nursing home is also responsible for keeping its residents from deteriorating, if possible. The health of most seniors will naturally decline over time, but the facility must not do anything to precipitate a degradation in a resident’s health.

Resident’s choice of activities

Nursing homes must make care options, activities and therapies available to all residents. Ultimately, the residents have the right to choose what care they receive and the events they participate in. The facility should document the seniors’ health care choices and requirements in the care plan.

Protect from fall hazards

Nursing homes must protect their residents from falls. The facilities need to assess each senior’s risk and take active steps to eliminate hazards, including providing assistive equipment for walking to those that need it.

Provision of dental, hearing and vision care

Facilities must ensure that their residents have access to dental care, hearing assessments and vision care. The care should include routine and emergency visits.

Failure of a long-term care facility to protect and provide assistance to residents may constitute elder abuse or neglect. Families that suspect such neglect may need to take swift action to protect their senior loved ones from harm.

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