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What external factors cause car accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Personal Injury

For many, driving is a routine part of life. Even though most drivers are safe operators, it is important for them to remember that road hazards can lead to accidents and personal catastrophes.

Someone who gets into a car wreck, no matter the cause, could be on the receiving end of a lifelong injury, and it is helpful to know what dangers to watch for while on the road.


Potholes are depressions in road surfaces typically caused by weather or heavy traffic. Hitting one can lead to an accident, especially if it pops a tire or stuns the driver. Since the government bears responsibility for minimizing the problem, city or county workers have the task of fixing them. In Los Angeles alone, the city uses 12 pothole trucks that work all day, five days a week fixing potholes.

Uneven road surfaces

Uneven road surfaces have a way of creating instability while driving. Such conditions include damaged asphalt and unevenly distributed gravel. These types of roadways sometimes trigger a frightening loss of control.

Poorly marked construction zones

Construction zones often feature lane changes, temporary barriers and reduced speed limits. When these zones are inadequately marked, the worst can occur. Personal injuries may result from collisions between vehicles or crashing into heavy equipment after swerving to avoid hitting laborers.

Slippery conditions

Spilled substances such as oil make roads slippery. When liquids are present, vehicles may slide or skid as though they were on black ice.

Road hazards are a serious factor contributing to car accidents that have costly consequences. Awareness and driving cautiously cut down the concern. That said, drivers can never erase the risk of elements beyond their control.

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