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How can crush injuries happen?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2023 | Personal Injury

Accidents resulting in crush injuries can leave victims with severe physical and emotional issues. These incidents occur in many places, from industrial workplaces to everyday situations.

To understand the gravity of these injuries, you should delve into the mechanics of how crush injuries happen.

Industrial issues

In the industrial sector, machinery and heavy equipment play an important role in operations. Unfortunately, they also pose a significant risk for crush injuries.

Workers operating machinery, like hydraulic presses, can face dangers. An oversight, malfunction or miscommunication can lead to moving parts catching limbs between them, resulting in severe crush injuries.

Construction site hazards

Construction sites are another place that commonly leads to crush injuries. The dynamic nature of construction work involves the use of heavy materials, equipment and machinery.

Unstable structures, falling debris or improper use of equipment can lead to accidents. Workers navigating these environments face machinery and materials crushing them under their heavy weight.

Road problems

On the road, high-speed collisions or accidents involving large vehicles are common. The tremendous force generated during these accidents can cause serious crush injuries, ranging from fractures to organ damage.

Agricultural incidents

Farmers suffer from unique risks that can result in crush injuries. Machinery, such as tractors or combine harvesters, leaves individuals at risk for accidents. Whether it is a rollover incident or getting caught in the machinery during operation, the 2.1 million farmers in America working in production agriculture as of 2020 face the threat of crush injuries daily.

Understanding the mechanics behind crush injuries is important for fostering a culture of safety. No matter where you are, taking preventative measures can significantly reduce these life-altering incidents.

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